Jetson dresses

Sooo here while back I got bored and started a googie type hood (retro futuristic) like the Jetsons. And naturally I needed clothes… so I started looking online for inspiration.

I came across a neat little outfit that I decided to emulate. I then went looking for a suitable mesh to make this little outfit with. I found it at lianasims.

So here is the link for the outfit on simfileshare. It comes in 2 versions, and the mesh is included. First is the “plasticized version” to make it more retro futuristic. Then the cloth version. These come in everyday and formal, and are for young adult and adult. Base game compatible.

Plastic version
Cloth version

My friend Jason took my recolor and made it into new clothing for other body sizes! You can go check them out here and here. Go check them out! 🙂


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