Aquarium Coffee Table

This is my new aquarium coffee table. It is cloned from a coffee table, so includes a slot as you can see. It is modded to have the following interactions: watch from toddler to elder, bang (which is what the above toddler is doing) for toddlers only, and watch for cats. The fish are purely “digital” which means you don’t have to feed them! As far as I can tell, since I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, this coffee table requires pets and freetime. I also have the deco form (with fish that still move around) but with no modding, that should be okay in base game only. As I can’t really test that theory, I am making my best educated guess.

As you can see, with the bang interaction, if the toddler approaches on the diagonal, the corner can cut through the toddler. Otherwise, things are pretty good as far as clipping. I tested with the 9 sims above, and they were all able to use it! 4 toddlers banging, 4 cats watching, and one lone adult watching in the background. With the watching scenario, they will watch one from behind another (the humans at least) if things get too crowded. It IS set to be autonomous, but honestly other than the cat, I rarely see them use it too much, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them all crowding up in your hallways without a little “user” intervention. It costs 250 dollars and is found in coffee tables in the buy catalog under surfaces.

The modded coffee table, which again requires pets and freetime at the minimum, can be found here and the deco one which is base game but still has moving fish can be found here. They share the same guid so you can only have one. Poly count in Faces is 4026 and vertices is 3930. The glass top and edges are recolorable. I did make one recolor of it. It is here. Be warned however, that there is only a txmt to change to recolor it, not a texture for those areas. The recolor is down below.

ALSO I would like to thank my friend MSD for helping with a little “guardian issue” and my friend Jo for testing it for me 🙂

Just a quick note. If you downloaded over the last few days and you downloaded the deco table and have base game only, you may have discovered an error in the table as I forgot to change the OBJD from 8C to 8B. However, that is now corrected, and the link has been updated accordingly 🙂 Please leave me a note here or send me a message on Tumblr if you ever detect an error in any of my items! I am OCD er meticulous enough that I like my stuff to work properly but being human I make mistakes sometimes! 🙂


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