Mannequins and Clothing Racks

I started a project about a year ago to make maternity (and child) enabled clothing racks that sold clothing that was differently priced than the standard racks in game. I always enjoyed these mods by Squinge and Motoki, as I always enjoyed taking my sims to buy maternity clothing. I also always found it annoying that they built in game stores that were “cheap” and “expensive” and yet all prices were actually the same (in an unowned store) and the default starting prices were the same in owned ones. I basically completed it, with the buy part working just fine, when I got a bit overwhelmed by life and put it aside for a time. I recently came back to it, decided to expand on it with more options, including mannequins. Or rather, clothing racks that look like mannequins.

These racks have cheap, standard, and expensive versions, that are all maternity enabled as well as child enabled. Noticeably pregnant sims can try on, as well as have clothing shown to them, as well as buy all categories of clothing. Same with children. Noticeably pregnant sims can only try on, or have suggested clothing that is maternity, instead of everyday (although the other categories remain the same.)

The prices in the catalog are as follows: 1000 for the cheap racks, 2000 for standard, and 3000 for expensive. Remember that owners for an owned shop will receive discounts on it so it will be below that slightly in game.

I also reuvmapped the in game value rack with dresses as it had a few issues (one dress bled over into another dress), and made a single custom recolor of it. Otherwise, it comes with the default recolors the original rack had. I did make it have two subsets. For those that recolor, one is a txmt only recolor. The rack itself.

The mannequins, no matter how hard I tried, could only have their dress recolored, so I gave up and just made 3 standard recolors, red, green, and blue, plus an animated one that changes slowly between all the recolors. The mannequin shows up backwards in the catalog, as I had to reposition it.

The children float when paying for the items in an unowned shop, but that is a cash register issue, not a rack issue. I am working on a custom cash register as well πŸ™‚

I believe it only requires OFB and Seasons to work. I tested it in a UC AGS with those plus M&G and it worked fine.

Yes you can have all three styles of racks in the same store, and they will all work fine. πŸ™‚

I do suggest going through your CAS before running it the first time, especially if you have a slower computer or a lot of content, or it may bog it down a bit.

The mannequins have custom browsing animations (various idles from base game) as shifting clothing around on a rack didn’t make much sense with a mannequin.

If you don’t have H&M, you will need either custom maternity clothing marked as maternity or Motoki’s mod to unlock the hidden clothing in order to have anything show up. I have included some maternity clothing to download for those who don’t have any located here. They use the base game maternity mesh. (female only) Wardrobe Wrangler can also be used to mark items as maternity, if you have outfits you want to show up there.

I have a tutorial that explains more, and shows you how to adjust pricing for both these types of racks, and the global mods following, if you so wish. It is found here.
The poly counts are as follows:
Mannequins 1st state: faces, 2913, vertices 1915
2nd state Faces 4830 vertices 1986
Racks 1st state: Faces 1336 vertices 916 (EA mesh)
2nd state: faces 619 vertices 862

Mannequins and recolors are found here. Clothing Racks and recolors are found here. They can be found in Buy Mode Catalog, in community sort under shopping/miscellaneous for 1000 for the cheap rack and mannequin, 2000 for the standard rack and mannequin, and 3000 for the expensive rack and mannequin respectively.

Global Mods

I have six global mods to choose from.

First of all, I combined Squinge’s (compared to make sure it still works in Apartment Life as it was written for EP 5 (Seasons)) and Motoki’s with the bcons for all the ingame racks so that you can change the prices accordingly as you wish. I preset them so that the value racks clothing starts at 115 with mark up at owned stores, expensive racks at 345 with mark up at owned stores, and H&M stay the same with 230 markup at owned stores. I have two varieties of this one. EP8BuyMaternityClothingbasegameracks has Squinge’s, Motoki’s and the base game rack bcons. EP8BuyMaternityClothingallracks has all of the above plus the H&M clothing racks’ bcons as well. These require OFB and Seasons. All thanks to Squinge and Motoki for their parts of the mods as I take no credit for those parts just including them for ease of use for those who want them as an all in one package.

In case you don’t want all of it, or have it and just want to add to it, I added two varieties of the base game racks, one with maternity, with a z in front of it, so that it works with Squinge’s so the price changes will take effect, and one without, so only the racks are affected. There are also variations including the H&M racks.
zBuyClothingRacksMaternity and zBuyClothingRacksMaternityBase are the two that work with Squinge’s mod if you already have it. The base one is the one that leaves off the H&M racks. These require OFB and Seasons.
BuyClothingRacks and BuyClothingRacksBase are JUST the bcons for the in game racks, Seasons and OFB required. The base game ones are for those without H&M. All these do is change the prices of the in game racks in owned stores (plus there is a bcon you can use to change the prices of individual types of clothing in unowned stores).

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

Pink Maternity Outfit
Blue maternity outfit. It also comes with darker pants
Yellow maternity otufit
Notice how the mannequin’s outfit changes color on the right. That is the animated recolor.
default mannequin texture
mannequin recolors
maternity being suggested
clothing rack recolors. default texture is the same as the one it is cloned from (value rack, dresses)


15 thoughts on “Mannequins and Clothing Racks

  1. Awesome again! You really are incredible!! I know how hard you worked on this. It’s great to see it in action. Can’t wait to put it in my game and try it out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! I hope you can add more maternity clothes into the game. I’m always looking for fresh new takes on it and it’s hard to find creators that do maternity clothes anymore. Well done absolutely love the mod.


  3. HI!
    I have noticed that your clothing racks are conflicting with Mog’s Apartments and Shopping mod (specifcally Sophie-David’s Buy Clothes Anywhere patch, I think, which is combined with Mog’s). Is it possible to fix the conflict or combine everything?


      1. Sorry, I thought I had checked for a reply but it seems I forgot. I will have to check again for you.
        I’m actually back with a new query – it seems Motoki’s mod causes multi-group maternity defaults to be invisible, so your global has the same issue.
        I’ve just tried a test without your global, to see what happens with the racks and mannequins. The cheap mannequin shows me some maternity/defaults, but not the multigroup one I’m have having trouble with. (The EA rack has no maternity options – presumably that is what the global mod enables.)
        I have no idea what part of Motoki’s/your mod would need altering to fix this, but I am trying to find a way for my default to work with them. I have a thread going on MTS, you can grab my file there if you want to experiment:


  4. My comment seems to have vanished – apols if you get it twice now!
    I apparently forgot to check back for your reply in December, sorry about that. I can look into it if you’re still interested.
    I am returning with a new query. Motoki’s mod (and therefore yours) prevents a multi-group default from showing properly – the second group is invisible. I’m looking for a way to fix either the clothing file or the mod. There’s currently a thread on MTS looking into the default file.


  5. To answer your December question – your global EP8BuyMaternityClothingallracks is conflicting with Mog/sd’s apartment shopping mod. It’s just the HCDU report, I haven’t noted any odd game behaviours as I haven’t tried to actively use them together.


  6. ok I sent you a message on Mod The Sims too. but in case anyone reading tries later and has the same issue… with the maternity clothes.. just delete the propertysets (gzps) part of the EP8BuyMaternityClothing mod (whichever version you have) and then just follow this tutorial to set the new default maternity clothing to buyable.


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