Valentine’s Day Candy and Display

Time got away from me, and that little upload I had promised to upload around Valentine’s Day? Well it is finally time 😊

This is a heart box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, cloned from the pizza box in game, that can be bought both straight out of the buy catalog for 15 simoleans from the party section, or off a stand (originally cloned from the perfume stand) out of stores.

Just like the perfume, you can buy it as a single purchase or in groups of 3, 5, or 10. The display stand is found in miscellaneous/miscellaneous on residential lots (for home businesses) for 150 simoleans, or on community lots for 150, in the shopping/miscellaneous section. It is usable in both owned and unowned shops.

The color of the heart box on the stand determines the color of the box you buy. It carries through from stand to what you have in your hand when you buy at the register, bring home in your inventory, and pull out to use at home.

Children and older can all buy from the stands. On unowned lots, children float, on owned ones they do not. The animations are slightly odd on how the sims carry them to the cash register in unowned stores, but they hold them then put them in a shopping bag in owned ones.

There are several recolors of both the box and the stand available. The candy is fully edible. They use the pizza eating animations with it, which are surprisingly not bad considering. One minor issue is that the chocolates shift around in the box, just like the slices do in the pizza box, once it has been in inventory, and the box comes out at a slightly different angle than if you just bought it from the buy catalog, but not bad, and it is all usable, still able to be picked up and doesn’t look bad. Just something you are apt to notice but doesn’t impact game play at all. When you pull it out and put it down, and tell them to serve, they put it down properly somewhere.

The stands require Nightlife, OFB and Pets.

I am including a picture and txt file that has bcon tuning instructions so you may change the prices that the box sells for from the stand individually.

Some more technical notes for creators out there who might want to make recolors/clones, you color the box for the box recolors on the stand, and you color the stand for the stand recolors.

You may download it here.

Stand: Poly Count full stand: 2967 Poly Count empty stand 444

Heartbox: 504 Heartbox state, Morphed state 504

Chocolate Piece: 454 times 8 so 3632

This is for the Sims 2

I wanted to thank Rosawyn , Jo, and MSD for their help and for all of my SimCrafters crew who dealt with all my pictures, gave me advice, and bore with me on my never ending quest for the prettiest Valentine’s Day boxes ever 🙂


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