Recolorable Wedding Cake

Here while back, my friend Jo asked me to fix the Pronupsims wedding cakes (available here) as they were very pretty but would error when you would go to cut them. I went in and looked at them, and realized they were missing some bhavs. So I fixed them, made them custom slices etc. Then got the urge to make some more. I very quickly decided cloning a cake just to make essentially a recolor was for the birds, and just said I would make a recolorable cake instead.

So that is how I came up with the idea of making a recolorable Wedding cake. Just blame my friend Jo πŸ˜€ or thank her, whichever. The download link for it is at the bottom of the page. It is found with the original Wedding cake, for 400 simoleans in the party section.

Base cake texture

Now for the technical details below:

Each cake spawns its own individual slice correctly when cut. The slice is slaved to the cake itself. This means to make a recolor, you don’t have to worry about recoloring the slice as well, just recolor the original cake.

Since all I was doing originally was making a maxis recolor, but as a clone instead, the recolorable cake uses the Maxis mesh. It is rather confusing as to what it requires however, because although it is a base game object, the code for cakes changed in Celebrations, (doesn’t mean the code isn’t compatible with base game exactly tho) but other parts of the package indicate it requires an expansion pack, and the pie menu mentions dogs and cats. I am going to say that you need pets and celebrations to be safe, but feel free to try it with just pets. The polys are the same as the original Maxis wedding cake, and the sizes of the packages (including the mesh itself) are in the kilobytes range. These are not high texture/high poly items.

The essential part of the mesh includes the Roseweddingcake package and the rosesweddingcakeslice package. The rest are all recolors.

It sells fine in an OFB environment, when marked for sale. Side note: It works great with the usual mods (putting in the decra chiller object for instance, and midge’s cake tester mod as well.) The cake tester mod is found here.

The African Silhouette cake (orange and black one) uses the following clip art.

The feather on the peacock cake came from my friend Catherine who it was made for.

The whipped cream dollop was given to me by Jo. The Victorian Vintage Rose Pattern is mine, with the gold heart. The pattern on the silver and white Victorian cake came from here

Now for the thanks. I received a LOT of help from my SimsCrafters group on my Discord, especially Rosawyn and Jo who went above and beyond, but also special shoutouts to Catherine and Bulbizarre for their help as well. And a very special shoutout to Fire_Flower who was right there with me when I was struggling with slaved subsets (darn underscores!)

This was made with the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, for the Sims 2 (obviously πŸ˜› ) and the link for the cake itself is found here


2 thoughts on “Recolorable Wedding Cake

  1. These are so beautiful! Thank you especially for the Peacock one – OMG! *squeeee* I’m afraid that now with Midge’s ‘eat-cake-mod’ my simmies are gonna have to learn to exercise a bit more. LOL Yum!

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