Bridal Shoppe Deco

*Update. Guys I am so sorry! if you downloaded before approximately 2pm on March 8, 2021 please redownload as I realized I uploaded the wrong version of my mannequins. The simfileshare has already been corrected.*

My friend Karen asked me to make some deco for her bridal shoppe she was making here while back. Specifically wedding veil displays and a redo of the outfits on MenaceMan’s mannequins. She was needing them for bridesmaids’ dresses.

So these are the results of my efforts. I made the mannequins in a gray finish so are neutral, and the original outfits of the Glamour Life Stuff Pack dresses. All told, there are 5 recolors and the mannequin, so colors of the dress. Pearl (gold), red, black, blue, purple, and green. The mannequin has 2848 faces and 2442 vertices. It cost 250 simoleans and is in miscellaneous, decorative/sculpture. It is in residential in decorative/sculpture, and under regular decorative in community buy mode, and in the buy mode in community sort buy/decorative on community lots. It takes an expansion pack (not sure if it matters, but probably OFB if it is a specific one but I am not sure on that, as I don’t like to test with AGS. It was made with all packs).

Base Mannequin Mesh

All Mannequin Colors

from behind
Karen’s Bridal Shoppe using the mannequins on display

The wedding veil stands come with the EA veil on them from Celebration Stuff hair, and come in 2 varieties. One is a short stand with a shortened veil, and one is a short stand with a longer veil for use on shelves.

Both versions are in the same location as the mannequins, but for 150 simoleans instead. The long and short veil both come in at 2704 faces and 1584 vertices. They have identical recolors so are a matched set. The base is black and silver with a white veil. There are 2 gold stands, one light wood, one dark wood, a black one and a silver. The veil colors are yellow, green, blue, and pink in pastel colors, and red and black for those who want the darker ones. The same info known about the expansion pack, whether it just takes any pack, or OFB in particular I don’t know. They can be put on a variety of surfaces, such as counters, tables, floor, and shelves but the long veiled one was specifically made for taller surfaces so the veil could hang off.

The veils on display in Karen’s bridal shoppe

Again on display at Karen’s bridal shoppe
Wedding veils lt wood and pink on shelves

The short stands with the long veils can be found here.

The short stands with the short veils can be found here.

The mannequins can be found here.


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