Toddler girl’s spring time dresses

*Quick note* I had already created the simfileshare link for this set with the original recolors then I updated the set. Unfortunately that is just what I THOUGHT I did, but in reality I created a new simfileshare link instead so if you downloaded in the couple hours or so since I posted and now, a little before 10 pm CDT April 3, 2021 you were downloading the original set which is a little different than this one (3 were improved and a few extras added). The link has now been properly updated.

Recently I saw this toddler dress by deedee (the scalloped one not the scarf) and fell in love. Sooo I immediately decided to make some recolors.

So here, just in time for Easter, or at least in time for Spring! and our spring theme at my Sims Crafter’s discord πŸ™‚

The following dresses are all marked for everyday and formal, and some have colored socks and some don’t (one comes in both flavors because my friend Jo wanted it done in white).

Yes I am absolutely HORRIBLE with pictures, especially tired πŸ˜€ but here is the link to the recolors. Deedee’s mesh is included but please go check out her cool new mesh and grab her recolors!


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