Animated Baby Bouncy Seat

Ok it doesn’t really bounce. But! it has custom baby animations and the baby sits and plays with toys in it. They can also sleep in it.

The bouncer can also be put on a variety of surfaces such as various tables and counters, and even stocked for sale on ofb shelves. It is also Apartment Life shiftable. When you buy it, it fulfills the baby toy want that goes along with the store toys.

It can be found in General/Child for a 150 simoleans. It is repositoried to the base game crib so picks up all of it’s recolors. It has 6358 polys but is only 0.6 mb even with all of the animations included!

There are 2 versions of this. One can be used by anyone who has any or all of the following configurations. Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, or Freetime. The other one is usable by anyone with either Apartment Life, Mansions and Gardens, or both.

I did as thorough a testing and checking of the code as I could in the circumstances, especially with the fact that I have the Ultimate Collection so cannot actually test the Pets through Freetime code directly (except with AGS and frankly it has messed up my registry multiple times so I do not trust it). However if there is any sort of issue not already reported as an issue, please let me know. I cannot fix what I do not know about.

I am happy to report that a Mac using individual reported back that it works fine in their game and their babies love it πŸ˜€

Her name is lilithandangela and she said to add she would love to test creations for other people on a mac as well πŸ™‚ Just click on her name to go to her Tumblr.

Now on to further details.

1. It works best when you have two tiles in front of it. It’s front however is on its left side not the actual front. If you do not, the sims are apt to glitch when they try to put the baby down.

2. Nannies WILL use this but they much prefer a regular crib instead. And they will often leave the baby on the floor unless the baby is tired, then they will use it.

3. Animals will utterly ignore this. They have NO interactions with it at all.

4. I accidentally positioned it a tad off when I made it, so the very tip top of it is capable of being walked through. This will most likely occur in a very crowded area or if there are a lot of sims moving around and getting in the way. Too crowded an area will lead to the same glitch as listed in 1 above.

5: If you delete the bouncer from your upload, you will discover it was actually made from the venus statue and had the crib code imported in, so it could be truly a one tile object then. Not really an issue, just so that you are aware in that instance.

Also don’t do this:

If you do, the one in the blue bouncer will not be accessible. If you put a baby down on the left there (which is within the two blocks of tile I said it needed), the one on the right either cannot be taken out or if it is empty, cannot be put in.

Now on to thanks and general credits.

I was able to make this because one fine day while walking through the various creator sections at MTS Omglo dropped in a baby animbody! Something never seen before πŸ˜€

I snatched it up. So go thank Omglo πŸ˜‰

Also thank you to all my friends at Sims Crafters, most especially Jo, Rosawyn, Mr. Joe Starr, and Kiri (celebkiriedhel)for their testing and/or encouragement.

Here is where I got the toy sounds that are included in the bouncer. Because of that particular site and the way it works, I cannot link you to the direct sound you have to do a search there, so if you are interested in acquiring it for yourself, just do a search for toy sounds or toy clinking sounds.



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