Novelty Jellyfish Lamp with custom light.

I recently figured out custom lights so I could make some for our ongoing Carnival project at Sims Crafter’s. Meantime as part of my “practice” I looked up lamps and lights. I found a really cute one online that is a novelty jellyfish lamp that lights up and turns all rainbow colored. So I decided to make it!

It is cloned from the jellyfish (stinging jelly) light from Family Fun Stuff (sp pack1). It costs 90 simoleans. It is found in table lamps.

When turned on it emits a soft turquoise light and has an animated rainbow swirl on the glass and the jellyfish themselves also have a rainbow overlay on them when lit up.

As you can see it is definitely a soft blue color, and will light up the room with a very soft light. Perfect for a night light or bedside table.

To the best of my knowledge it takes just family fun stuff but at the very least should be okay for Mac computers. I kept the textures small deliberately to save on space. The object itself has 3052 polys. Mainly due to the egg shaped glass surrounding the jellyfish.

As this is a custom light, it has an NLO included in the zip file along with the lamp package and the 2 base recolors (the other recolors are inside the lamp package.) so you need to have the scriptorium installed and drop it into the custom lights folder. If you do not have the scriptorium installed here is the link. Also this lamp will also slightly raise the environment score a bit more than normal, but you probably won’t notice it unless you are next to it. The light is set to be automatically on auto but is changeable.

There are 3 jellyfish recolors (the same as in the original stinging jelly lamp that comes in Family Fun Stuff). There are also 3 base colors. Silver, gold and black.

lit lamps daytime with table top glow state

lit lamps and recolors all in a row with no table top
glow state. Night time setting which makes it a bit dimmer as there is a glass door next to it.
more lit pictures
blue jellyfish unlit
green jellyfish and pink and blue jellyfish unlit

There is a minor maxis lighting issue. The NLO installed in both the package and in the program files (through the scriptorium) helps the lamp retain its diffused state. I say helps because sometimes even though it remains lit, and casts light, the table top itself loses its glow. This applies to MAXIS lamps too. They have a light pattern that casts light onto table tops so you probably never noticed (like me, until I worked with this project). This is a known Maxis bug that the NLO thing supposedly fixed. However not completely.

SOMETIMES when you come back from a community lot table top lamps will lose their table top glow. As you can see, the Maxis lamp on the left most edge is lit there, but the one next to it lost its glow after about 3 trips in a row to a community lot. The same thing occurs with my lamp. You can save and exit to neighborhood (or if you quit it will be fine next time you go in) to correct it, go into buy mode to jiggle it or move it around slightly, or stick it into inventory and pull it back out to reset it if it really bothers you. It doesn’t happen every time. As you can see they still emit light, they just don’t emit it on the table top. My top picture up above shows it in its glow state on different types of table tops, then the second one shows it in its unlit table top state. There really isn’t that much difference.

Have fun and enjoy! As usual, if there is a problem, or you just want to let me know how you like it, feel free to contact me 🙂


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