Default replacement Protein Shake

I have had a couple of requests over the years for a default replacement protein shake, most recently by my friend Jo. So I decided to make one. It comes in a glass and appears to be a freshly blended vanilla version. With foam and everything. You obviously need Freetime for this, since it replaces the fitness perk protein shake.

It has approximately 200 polys so is actually quite small.

Of course being a replacement for a can, it doesn’t show an empty glass when you put it down, but it still looks much better than the original. Remember you can only have one default! My friend Jo is going to add a few flavors (er different colors) in case vanilla isn’t to your taste soon 🙂 Ok she added a few recolors here.


This is the original can, so you can see what it is that is being replaced. It really is quite ugly.


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