7 Skills Bookcase and Global Book mod.

You need both parts of this for the bookcase to work correctly. The good news is, other custom bookcases can be made that also work with this mod, so you are not limited to one as others are made, if you want to have more than one style. This download requires at least seasons, freetime and apartment life to work correctly. It is a clone of a base game bookcase (double helix) and is repositoried to it. It shows up under hobbies/knowledge for 100 simoleans. It also works in a community environment (autonomously) as well as a residence. It teaches all 7 skills just like the teacher’s reward bookcase as well as all the other skills such as fire prevention and parenting. Write in diary has been made user directed due to the sims driving me nuts, and put away books has been made autonomous (so the nanny could put away books).


info down below for technical bits and what it conflicts with:

I wanted a regular looking bookcase for my game that still offered everything the career rewards bookcase did. I also wanted one that allowed for multiple styles to be made. So I started one. I realized that while I could work around the bookcase globals, I would have to make a semiglobal mod for the book globals to get it to work. So I made the changes to two of the book globals. (interaction – study and interaction – study (Golden Book) – test). The book mod will conflict with anything that changes those. It requires Seasons and works fine through Mansions and Gardens. Also my bookcase includes its own pie menu functions and strings so it won’t work with mods that change those. Again it requires Seasons on up through at least Apartment Life. This is a stand alone bookcase. To make it work, however, you need to put the career rewards bookcase guid in the original guid spot of the bookcase, although I also did it in the fallback guid spot in case it gets changed to that later in the bookcase.