Remote Control Cars Cep Extras With Required Mods and Recolors

There are 3 different cep extras for the 3 remote control vehicles in the game. The base game car, the FT classic car, and the FT helicopter. However in order to use them properly, as they will revert to the original color upon stopping when you stop playing with them if only the cep extras are installed, you also need one of the two following mods. IF you have only base game, or base game plus expansion packs through bon voyage only, (like Mac players) you need the rcnpcbasebv mod. If you have freetime or higher (freetime, apartment life/mansions and gardens) you need the rcnpcftplus mod instead.

So to repeat, if you have the freetime classic car and the helicopter in your game, use the freetime plus mod along with all three cep extras. If you have only through bon voyage, and only the base game car, you only need the rccar cep extra and the rcnpcbasebv mod installed. I have also made several recolors of each car. If you do not know how to install Cep Extras in your game please go here for instructions. Lord Tyger did test for me on a mac, and wound up putting both cep extras in his downloads before it would work, so if the classic mac instructions do not work for you, please try that.

Downloads for Base Game through Bon Voyage

CEP Extra for RC Car

RC Car recolors

RC Car Mod for Base game through Bon Voyage

Downloads for Freetime through Mansions

CEP Extra for RC Car

CEP Extra Classic Car

Cep Extra Helicopter

RC Car recolors

RC Classic recolors

RC Helicopter recolors

RC Mod for Freetime through Mansions

Now for the pictures!

Carlos playing with base game car recolor
Carlos playing with recolored helicopter
Carlos playing with classic car recolored

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