Remote Control Cars Cep Extras With Required Mods and Recolors

There are 3 different cep extras for the 3 remote control vehicles in the game. The base game car, the FT classic car, and the FT helicopter. However in order to use them properly, as they will revert to the original color upon stopping when you stop playing with them if only the cep extras are installed, you also need one of the two following mods. IF you have only base game, or base game plus expansion packs through bon voyage only, (like Mac players) you need the rcnpcbasebv mod. If you have freetime or higher (freetime, apartment life/mansions and gardens) you need the rcnpcftplus mod instead.

So to repeat, if you have the freetime classic car and the helicopter in your game, use the freetime plus mod along with all three cep extras. If you have only through bon voyage, and only the base game car, you only need the rccar cep extra and the rcnpcbasebv mod installed. I have also made several recolors of each car. If you do not know how to install Cep Extras in your game please go here for instructions. Lord Tyger did test for me on a mac, and wound up putting both cep extras in his downloads before it would work, so if the classic mac instructions do not work for you, please try that.

Downloads for Base Game through Bon Voyage

CEP Extra for RC Car

RC Car recolors

RC Car Mod for Base game through Bon Voyage

Downloads for Freetime through Mansions

CEP Extra for RC Car

CEP Extra Classic Car

Cep Extra Helicopter

RC Car recolors

RC Classic recolors

RC Helicopter recolors

RC Mod for Freetime through Mansions

Now for the pictures!

Carlos playing with base game car recolor
Carlos playing with recolored helicopter
Carlos playing with classic car recolored

Default replacement Protein Shake

I have had a couple of requests over the years for a default replacement protein shake, most recently by my friend Jo. So I decided to make one. It comes in a glass and appears to be a freshly blended vanilla version. With foam and everything. You obviously need Freetime for this, since it replaces the fitness perk protein shake.

It has approximately 200 polys so is actually quite small.

Of course being a replacement for a can, it doesn’t show an empty glass when you put it down, but it still looks much better than the original. Remember you can only have one default! My friend Jo is going to add a few flavors (er different colors) in case vanilla isn’t to your taste soon 🙂 Ok she added a few recolors here.


This is the original can, so you can see what it is that is being replaced. It really is quite ugly.

Jope Towel 2 Mesh Recolors

My friend Jo found this really cool towel mesh from Simply Styling’s archive. We both really liked it but could find no recolors of it anywhere except for the two that originally came with it. So I decided to make some! The mesh is found in deco/wall for 25 simoleans. The mesh is included for your convenience. Please see the above link however, for the rest of the set and the original recolors that came with it.


original white towel on far left.

Thanks to creativefabrica for the hearts print, the blue feathers print, and the rainbows and berries print I used.

7 Skills Bookcase and Global Book mod.

You need both parts of this for the bookcase to work correctly. The good news is, other custom bookcases can be made that also work with this mod, so you are not limited to one as others are made, if you want to have more than one style. This download requires at least seasons, freetime and apartment life to work correctly. It is a clone of a base game bookcase (double helix) and is repositoried to it. It shows up under hobbies/knowledge for 100 simoleans. It also works in a community environment (autonomously) as well as a residence. It teaches all 7 skills just like the teacher’s reward bookcase as well as all the other skills such as fire prevention and parenting. Write in diary has been made user directed due to the sims driving me nuts, and put away books has been made autonomous (so the nanny could put away books).


info down below for technical bits and what it conflicts with:

I wanted a regular looking bookcase for my game that still offered everything the career rewards bookcase did. I also wanted one that allowed for multiple styles to be made. So I started one. I realized that while I could work around the bookcase globals, I would have to make a semiglobal mod for the book globals to get it to work. So I made the changes to two of the book globals. (interaction – study and interaction – study (Golden Book) – test). The book mod will conflict with anything that changes those. It requires Seasons and works fine through Mansions and Gardens. Also my bookcase includes its own pie menu functions and strings so it won’t work with mods that change those. Again it requires Seasons on up through at least Apartment Life. This is a stand alone bookcase. To make it work, however, you need to put the career rewards bookcase guid in the original guid spot of the bookcase, although I also did it in the fallback guid spot in case it gets changed to that later in the bookcase.


Base Game crib and changing table recolors

Not much more to say about it really. I made these here while back, the cherry set for my friend Calibrat, the squirrel and vines ones for my friend Rosawyn and the butterflies and rainbow set for me. One thing however, since I was intending to use white for the rainbow and cherry frames and the game has a perfectly good white frame, I did NOT include a frame recolor for those two cribs, as why waste space with repeating a color?

Download here

Draco Rising Dresses Peacock Edition

Ok the Peacock edition has arrived! The next edition of the Draco Rising dresses. These are a collaboration between Jason and myself. He did the mesh and I did the recolors. Keep a look out for the curvy and muscly versions here and here, when released.

These are the adult female versions. They are available for young adults, adults and elders, in all morphs, for everyday and formal wear. The mesh is included.

The mesh, as stated before has 3682 faces.

Download here

Jason’s curvy versions can be found here

Jason’s muscly versions can be found here

Now for the pictures!

Draco Rising

Teal Dragon Dress

Here while back, I had a vision of a dress pop into my head. It was a dress with one shoulder strap, long, with slits, and a nice little dragon sitting up on the strap. I approached my friend Jason to see if he would be willing to make it for me. This is the result. Well step 1 of the result anyway 🙂 Keep an eye on his Tumblr as well as his WordPress site. (curvy sizes now available). Muscly sizes now too!

These dresses are for young adult female, adult female, and elder female. They come in Everyday and Formal. If you wish to recolor, the dragon heads are alpha editable. To download, click here. The mesh IS included. The mesh has 3682 faces. It has both fat and pregnancy morphs.

Purple dress
Wine red dress
Blue dress
Black dress
Dragon head closeup

Elder versions of dresses

These were done with a shoe swap here and look really awesome! Thank you!

Peacock Wedding Cake

This is a recolorable Wedding cake. It is cloned from the original one I made.

I used the Peacock statue from Apartment Life to put on the a cake mesh from Celebrations inside of a base game cake clone to put this all together. It is in Party for 400 simoleans, with the rest of the cakes. The recolors are in the zip with the mesh packages.

Base texture
Base texture slice
Lilac Served
Seafoam green with White Peacock


The poly count is 2330 and vertices 2100 for the cake, and the slice is a total of 376 faces and 385 vertices. I used the smaller textures it originally came with. I went to the trouble of making it base game compatible to the best of my ability to tell.

The peacock and the cake are both recolorable, and yes the cake slices do pick up the color of the cake, and they morph (go from full piece to half piece to empty plate) as the sims eat. They are sellable in an OFB environment as well.

Toddler Girl Outfits

I went wandering through Tumblr, and spied new a Sims 4 to 2 conversion for toddlers! Here and here.

megamassikalove did a wonderful job with the mesh 🙂

So I decided I just had to recolor it. I made them for just girls, and for boys and girls. You can get the girls only here. The girls and boys both version is here.

pink and black outfit
yellow and black outfit
yellow and chocolate brown
pink and dark blue
yellow and light blue