Dollhouse recolors

These are dollhouse recolors for the in game dollhouse. You will need my cep extra found over at MTS to use these, if you don’t have it already. These are base game compatible. You can find the link here.

I do suggest using the remapping for it Michelle did for Snowstorm’s dollhouse clone that dharden converted over for the actual dollhouse found here. It isn’t necessary but makes it look even nicer than pictured.

turquoise dollhouse
bright yellow
aqua green/mint

Recolorable Wedding Cake

Here while back, my friend Jo asked me to fix the Pronupsims wedding cakes (available here) as they were very pretty but would error when you would go to cut them. I went in and looked at them, and realized they were missing some bhavs. So I fixed them, made them custom slices etc. Then got the urge to make some more. I very quickly decided cloning a cake just to make essentially a recolor was for the birds, and just said I would make a recolorable cake instead.

So that is how I came up with the idea of making a recolorable Wedding cake. Just blame my friend Jo ๐Ÿ˜€ or thank her, whichever. The download link for it is at the bottom of the page. It is found with the original Wedding cake, for 400 simoleans in the party section.

Base cake texture

Now for the technical details below:

Each cake spawns its own individual slice correctly when cut. The slice is slaved to the cake itself. This means to make a recolor, you don’t have to worry about recoloring the slice as well, just recolor the original cake.

Since all I was doing originally was making a maxis recolor, but as a clone instead, the recolorable cake uses the Maxis mesh. It is rather confusing as to what it requires however, because although it is a base game object, the code for cakes changed in Celebrations, (doesn’t mean the code isn’t compatible with base game exactly tho) but other parts of the package indicate it requires an expansion pack, and the pie menu mentions dogs and cats. I am going to say that you need pets and celebrations to be safe, but feel free to try it with just pets. The polys are the same as the original Maxis wedding cake, and the sizes of the packages (including the mesh itself) are in the kilobytes range. These are not high texture/high poly items.

The essential part of the mesh includes the Roseweddingcake package and the rosesweddingcakeslice package. The rest are all recolors.

It sells fine in an OFB environment, when marked for sale. Side note: It works great with the usual mods (putting in the decra chiller object for instance, and midge’s cake tester mod as well.) The cake tester mod is found here.

The African Silhouette cake (orange and black one) uses the following clip art.

The feather on the peacock cake came from my friend Catherine who it was made for.

The whipped cream dollop was given to me by Jo. The Victorian Vintage Rose Pattern is mine, with the gold heart. The pattern on the silver and white Victorian cake came from here

Now for the thanks. I received a LOT of help from my SimsCrafters group on my Discord, especially Rosawyn and Jo who went above and beyond, but also special shoutouts to Catherine and Bulbizarre for their help as well. And a very special shoutout to Fire_Flower who was right there with me when I was struggling with slaved subsets (darn underscores!)

This was made with the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, for the Sims 2 (obviously ๐Ÿ˜› ) and the link for the cake itself is found here

Valentine’s Day Candy and Display

Time got away from me, and that little upload I had promised to upload around Valentineโ€™s Day? Well it is finally time ๐Ÿ˜Š

This is a heart box of Valentineโ€™s Day chocolates, cloned from the pizza box in game, that can be bought both straight out of the buy catalog for 15 simoleans from the party section, or off a stand (originally cloned from the perfume stand) out of stores.

Just like the perfume, you can buy it as a single purchase or in groups of 3, 5, or 10. The display stand is found in miscellaneous/miscellaneous on residential lots (for home businesses) for 150 simoleans, or on community lots for 150, in the shopping/miscellaneous section. It is usable in both owned and unowned shops.

The color of the heart box on the stand determines the color of the box you buy. It carries through from stand to what you have in your hand when you buy at the register, bring home in your inventory, and pull out to use at home.

Children and older can all buy from the stands. On unowned lots, children float, on owned ones they do not. The animations are slightly odd on how the sims carry them to the cash register in unowned stores, but they hold them then put them in a shopping bag in owned ones.

There are several recolors of both the box and the stand available. The candy is fully edible. They use the pizza eating animations with it, which are surprisingly not bad considering. One minor issue is that the chocolates shift around in the box, just like the slices do in the pizza box, once it has been in inventory, and the box comes out at a slightly different angle than if you just bought it from the buy catalog, but not bad, and it is all usable, still able to be picked up and doesn’t look bad. Just something you are apt to notice but doesn’t impact game play at all. When you pull it out and put it down, and tell them to serve, they put it down properly somewhere.

The stands require Nightlife, OFB and Pets.

I am including a picture and txt file that has bcon tuning instructions so you may change the prices that the box sells for from the stand individually.

Some more technical notes for creators out there who might want to make recolors/clones, you color the box for the box recolors on the stand, and you color the stand for the stand recolors.

You may download it here.

Stand: Poly Count full stand: 2967 Poly Count empty stand 444

Heartbox: 504 Heartbox state, Morphed state 504

Chocolate Piece: 454 times 8 so 3632

This is for the Sims 2

I wanted to thank Rosawyn , Jo, and MSD for their help and for all of my SimCrafters crew who dealt with all my pictures, gave me advice, and bore with me on my never ending quest for the prettiest Valentine’s Day boxes ever ๐Ÿ™‚

Senior Centre

Done as a request for Tea Addict

This is a remake of one of my MTS lots- The Child care Centre.

Added structure, redone floor plan with activities for elders, redone garden and colour scheme.

No CC but I do recomend Menacemanโ€™s ceiling light fix so the tiny Maxis ceiling light sits flush to the ceiling.

ย Made on the M&G game engine.
Building cheats like CFE were used on this lot.
Not play tested, hopefully everything works as it should.
Contains buyble extracted game items by Huge Lunatic.

Download SFS

More pictures on Tumblr

Mannequins and Clothing Racks

I started a project about a year ago to make maternity (and child) enabled clothing racks that sold clothing that was differently priced than the standard racks in game. I always enjoyed these mods by Squinge and Motoki, as I always enjoyed taking my sims to buy maternity clothing. I also always found it annoying that they built in game stores that were “cheap” and “expensive” and yet all prices were actually the same (in an unowned store) and the default starting prices were the same in owned ones. I basically completed it, with the buy part working just fine, when I got a bit overwhelmed by life and put it aside for a time. I recently came back to it, decided to expand on it with more options, including mannequins. Or rather, clothing racks that look like mannequins.

These racks have cheap, standard, and expensive versions, that are all maternity enabled as well as child enabled. Noticeably pregnant sims can try on, as well as have clothing shown to them, as well as buy all categories of clothing. Same with children. Noticeably pregnant sims can only try on, or have suggested clothing that is maternity, instead of everyday (although the other categories remain the same.)

The prices in the catalog are as follows: 1000 for the cheap racks, 2000 for standard, and 3000 for expensive. Remember that owners for an owned shop will receive discounts on it so it will be below that slightly in game.

I also reuvmapped the in game value rack with dresses as it had a few issues (one dress bled over into another dress), and made a single custom recolor of it. Otherwise, it comes with the default recolors the original rack had. I did make it have two subsets. For those that recolor, one is a txmt only recolor. The rack itself.

The mannequins, no matter how hard I tried, could only have their dress recolored, so I gave up and just made 3 standard recolors, red, green, and blue, plus an animated one that changes slowly between all the recolors. The mannequin shows up backwards in the catalog, as I had to reposition it.

The children float when paying for the items in an unowned shop, but that is a cash register issue, not a rack issue. I am working on a custom cash register as well ๐Ÿ™‚

I believe it only requires OFB and Seasons to work. I tested it in a UC AGS with those plus M&G and it worked fine.

Yes you can have all three styles of racks in the same store, and they will all work fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

I do suggest going through your CAS before running it the first time, especially if you have a slower computer or a lot of content, or it may bog it down a bit.

The mannequins have custom browsing animations (various idles from base game) as shifting clothing around on a rack didn’t make much sense with a mannequin.

If you don’t have H&M, you will need either custom maternity clothing marked as maternity or Motoki’s mod to unlock the hidden clothing in order to have anything show up. I have included some maternity clothing to download for those who don’t have any located here. They use the base game maternity mesh. (female only) Wardrobe Wrangler can also be used to mark items as maternity, if you have outfits you want to show up there.

I have a tutorial that explains more, and shows you how to adjust pricing for both these types of racks, and the global mods following, if you so wish. It is found here.
The poly counts are as follows:
Mannequins 1st state: faces, 2913, vertices 1915
2nd state Faces 4830 vertices 1986
Racks 1st state: Faces 1336 vertices 916 (EA mesh)
2nd state: faces 619 vertices 862

Mannequins and recolors are found here. Clothing Racks and recolors are found here. They can be found in Buy Mode Catalog, in community sort under shopping/miscellaneous for 1000 for the cheap rack and mannequin, 2000 for the standard rack and mannequin, and 3000 for the expensive rack and mannequin respectively.

Global Mods

I have six global mods to choose from.

First of all, I combined Squinge’s (compared to make sure it still works in Apartment Life as it was written for EP 5 (Seasons)) and Motoki’s with the bcons for all the ingame racks so that you can change the prices accordingly as you wish. I preset them so that the value racks clothing starts at 115 with mark up at owned stores, expensive racks at 345 with mark up at owned stores, and H&M stay the same with 230 markup at owned stores. I have two varieties of this one. EP8BuyMaternityClothingbasegameracks has Squinge’s, Motoki’s and the base game rack bcons. EP8BuyMaternityClothingallracks has all of the above plus the H&M clothing racks’ bcons as well. These require OFB and Seasons. All thanks to Squinge and Motoki for their parts of the mods as I take no credit for those parts just including them for ease of use for those who want them as an all in one package.

In case you don’t want all of it, or have it and just want to add to it, I added two varieties of the base game racks, one with maternity, with a z in front of it, so that it works with Squinge’s so the price changes will take effect, and one without, so only the racks are affected. There are also variations including the H&M racks.
zBuyClothingRacksMaternity and zBuyClothingRacksMaternityBase are the two that work with Squinge’s mod if you already have it. The base one is the one that leaves off the H&M racks. These require OFB and Seasons.
BuyClothingRacks and BuyClothingRacksBase are JUST the bcons for the in game racks, Seasons and OFB required. The base game ones are for those without H&M. All these do is change the prices of the in game racks in owned stores (plus there is a bcon you can use to change the prices of individual types of clothing in unowned stores).

Happy Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pink Maternity Outfit
Blue maternity outfit. It also comes with darker pants
Yellow maternity otufit
Notice how the mannequin’s outfit changes color on the right. That is the animated recolor.
default mannequin texture
mannequin recolors
maternity being suggested
clothing rack recolors. default texture is the same as the one it is cloned from (value rack, dresses)

Aquarium Coffee Table

This is my new aquarium coffee table. It is cloned from a coffee table, so includes a slot as you can see. It is modded to have the following interactions: watch from toddler to elder, bang (which is what the above toddler is doing) for toddlers only, and watch for cats. The fish are purely “digital” which means you don’t have to feed them! As far as I can tell, since I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, this coffee table requires pets and freetime. I also have the deco form (with fish that still move around) but with no modding, that should be okay in base game only. As I can’t really test that theory, I am making my best educated guess.

As you can see, with the bang interaction, if the toddler approaches on the diagonal, the corner can cut through the toddler. Otherwise, things are pretty good as far as clipping. I tested with the 9 sims above, and they were all able to use it! 4 toddlers banging, 4 cats watching, and one lone adult watching in the background. With the watching scenario, they will watch one from behind another (the humans at least) if things get too crowded. It IS set to be autonomous, but honestly other than the cat, I rarely see them use it too much, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them all crowding up in your hallways without a little “user” intervention. It costs 250 dollars and is found in coffee tables in the buy catalog under surfaces.

The modded coffee table, which again requires pets and freetime at the minimum, can be found here and the deco one which is base game but still has moving fish can be found here. They share the same guid so you can only have one. Poly count in Faces is 4026 and vertices is 3930. The glass top and edges are recolorable. I did make one recolor of it. It is here. Be warned however, that there is only a txmt to change to recolor it, not a texture for those areas. The recolor is down below.

ALSO I would like to thank my friend MSD for helping with a little “guardian issue” and my friend Jo for testing it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a quick note. If you downloaded over the last few days and you downloaded the deco table and have base game only, you may have discovered an error in the table as I forgot to change the OBJD from 8C to 8B. However, that is now corrected, and the link has been updated accordingly ๐Ÿ™‚ Please leave me a note here or send me a message on Tumblr if you ever detect an error in any of my items! I am OCD er meticulous enough that I like my stuff to work properly but being human I make mistakes sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Retro Dresses

Soooo I finally get time to start working on my Sims 2 Retrofuturistic Jetson’s style hood again, and I need a few things for it. I don’t know if I will have time to make further recolors for a while, so thought I would go ahead and offer these all up. I will make each recolor a separate post.

This is a recolor of Yanderplum’s Merseybeat shoe swap with Nouk’s boot mesh. I have included the mesh with the recolor. It is marked as everyday only.

Jetson dresses

Sooo here while back I got bored and started a googie type hood (retro futuristic) like the Jetsons. And naturally I needed clothes… so I started looking online for inspiration.

I came across a neat little outfit that I decided to emulate. I then went looking for a suitable mesh to make this little outfit with. I found it at lianasims.

So here is the link for the outfit on simfileshare. It comes in 2 versions, and the mesh is included. First is the “plasticized version” to make it more retro futuristic. Then the cloth version. These come in everyday and formal, and are for young adult and adult. Base game compatible.

Plastic version
Cloth version

My friend Jason took my recolor and made it into new clothing for other body sizes! You can go check them out here and here. Go check them out! ๐Ÿ™‚