Draco Rising

Teal Dragon Dress

Here while back, I had a vision of a dress pop into my head. It was a dress with one shoulder strap, long, with slits, and a nice little dragon sitting up on the strap. I approached my friend Jason to see if he would be willing to make it for me. This is the result. Well step 1 of the result anyway 🙂 Keep an eye on his Tumblr as well as his WordPress site. (curvy sizes now available). Muscly sizes now too!

These dresses are for young adult female, adult female, and elder female. They come in Everyday and Formal. If you wish to recolor, the dragon heads are alpha editable. To download, click here. The mesh IS included. The mesh has 3682 faces. It has both fat and pregnancy morphs.

Purple dress
Wine red dress
Blue dress
Black dress
Dragon head closeup

Elder versions of dresses

These were done with a shoe swap here and look really awesome! Thank you!


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