Peacock Wedding Cake

This is a recolorable Wedding cake. It is cloned from the original one I made.

I used the Peacock statue from Apartment Life to put on the a cake mesh from Celebrations inside of a base game cake clone to put this all together. It is in Party for 400 simoleans, with the rest of the cakes. The recolors are in the zip with the mesh packages.

Base texture
Base texture slice
Lilac Served
Seafoam green with White Peacock


The poly count is 2330 and vertices 2100 for the cake, and the slice is a total of 376 faces and 385 vertices. I used the smaller textures it originally came with. I went to the trouble of making it base game compatible to the best of my ability to tell.

The peacock and the cake are both recolorable, and yes the cake slices do pick up the color of the cake, and they morph (go from full piece to half piece to empty plate) as the sims eat. They are sellable in an OFB environment as well.


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